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Peach Michael
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So many people played a part in the success of �Hats by Peach�. From our childhood babysitter, Mary, who taught me to knit using two pencils, to Marian Imhof, seamstress extraordinaire, who mentored me when I started doing hats, and told me when I was ready to do shows solo. My mother-in-law, Arla, who taught me to crochet in the 70�s, and our youngest, Tyler, who helped me at shows, created my web site, and taught me to use social media.

Rick and Peach
Rick and Peach
I was lucky to meet so many crafters along the way who were willing to share show info and tips with me. Now I�m returning the favor to the younger ones starting out.

Over the years, I have come to personally know so many of my wonderful customers. Some customers have enough �Hats by Peach� to fill their own hat rack. I get a kick when I�m out in public and I see a lady wearing one of my hats. Once I was at Lowe�s and a lady asked me if I was wearing a �Peach� hat. That made my day.

My hats have changed a lot since the 90�s. Not just because my skills improved, but the yarns are so fun. I never had patterns. Everything is in my head. Before I retire, I plan on publishing a book of hat patterns and dedicating it to my late mother, Shirley. She was my biggest cheerleader. (or should I say champion?) You decide.

I hope to see you at one of my shows. There�s a hat for everyone, and I�d be happy to help you find yours.


Rick and Peach
A hat I sold at my first solo show
at Seal Park in 1998

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